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Adriatic Moto Tours is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a small, Alpine country in the center of Europe. Our location is ideal for touring Central and Eastern Europe, and most of our tours originate out of Ljubljana. From Ljubljana, you can head northwest into the twisty mountain roads of the Alps of Slovenia and Austria or to the Dolomites of Italy. Or ride northeast, through the lush green countryside of Hungary and perfect Baroque towns of Czech Republic. To the southwest, we tour the Tuscan countryside of Italy, and the excellent motorcycle terrain of the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. To the south east, the empty roads through the low mountains and wide valleys of the countries of the former Yugoslavia await, including the stunning azure-blue Adriatic Coast of Croatia and the Mediterranean Coast of Greece. In short, our location gives enough varied and exciting riding for even the most discerning motorcyclist. Come with us and experience our unique part of Europe!

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