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Since time immemorial, the Czech lands have been the crossroads of European cultures. The cultural character of Czech cities, villages, and spa towns has always been a source of inspiration to visitors who come here from all corners of the world. Even though the Czech Republic’s area ranks small amongst countries, its wealth of natural beauty and monuments of cultural heritage contribute greatly to its global prestige as a major cultural destination.

Roads and Riding

Roads in Czech Republic are very good and wonderful to ride as they meander through hilly green farmland and forest. The roads are very good through small Baroque villages which are wonderfully intricate. Signs are plentiful and easy to follow.

Climate and Environment, When to Go

The temperature in the Czech Republic is mild and consistent. Summer temperatures are very pleasant for motorcycling. Spring and autumn can be cool and bring some rain. Though more crowded in summer, especially in Prague, visiting Czech Republic at any time of year is good.

Sights, People, Food and Drink

Czech’s best sights are the Bohemian towns you will pass through. Prague itself is an architecturally romantic city, with its castles, squares and bridges. The Czech Republic, among the youngest in the family of European countries, was born on January 1st, 1993, when the Czechoslovak Federal Republic split into two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, 95% of Czech Republic is Czech and about 3% are Slovak. Czech cuisine includes a lot of meat, dumplings and gravy. A classic Bohemian dish is knedlo-zelo-vepro (bread dumplings), sauerkraut and roast pork. Enjoy this with Czech pilsner beer, considered by some the best beer in the world.

Facts For The Traveler

Capital city: Prague
Population: 10.3 million
Land area: 78.864 sq km
Official language: Czech 
National currency: Czech Crown (CZK)
Religion: Mostly Roman Catholic
Time zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
International dialing number: country code 420, international access code 00
Visa: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 220V, 50Hz
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