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Sardinia (Italy)

Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean. Inhabited since Paleolithic times, Sardinia has seen an influx of foreigners over the centuries: Phoenicians, Romans, Pisans, Genovese and Spaniards. Each has left their legacy on Sardinia, though the proud Sardi have interpreted it in their own distinctive way.

Roads and Riding

Sardinia is geographically distinct and very different from mainland Italy. Ruggedly mountainous in the center of the island, adventurous motorcyclists will not be disappointed. The coastal routes follow stretches of beautiful Mediterranean seaside. Sardinia has experienced heavy infrastructure investment by the government, and the roads are in exceptional condition. You will find some of the best riding in Europe on Sardinia.

Climate and Environment, When to Go

Sardinia is practically empty in the spring and fall, so motorcyclists have the roads to themselves. These roads are the best kept secret in Europe, for they are truly a pleasure to ride. Tourist traffic increases in the summer, especially in August, as many Europeans flock to the Sardinian coast for their summer holidays. Sardinia has a mild Mediterranean climate, and is nice to ride in at any time of year.

Sights, People, Food and Drink

Sardinia has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, and the stone fortresses of this period, called nuraghe are still scattered throughout the island today. Though inhabited by a variety of invaders over the centuries, the Sardi remain a proud and independent people who have absorbed and interpreted all the different cultures in their own way. Meals in Sardinia will inevitably include seafood cooked with Mediterranean ingredients.

Facts for the Traveler

Capital city: Cagliari
Population: 1,6 million
Land area: 2.399 sq km
Official language: Italian
National currency: Euro
Religion: Roman Catholic
Time zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
International dialing number: country code: 39, international access code: 00
Visa: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 220V, 50Hz
Electric Plug Details:
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