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Tuscany (Italy)

Tuscany is blessed with a postcard perfect countryside to ride in. Roads curve through lush green fields and over gentle rolling hillsides. Riders pass through medieval villages and Chianti wine grape vineyards. Tuscany also, has the great Renaissance cities, with their outstanding art and architecture.

Roads and Riding

The roads in Tuscany are very good, however Tuscany is a heavily touristed part of Italy and the roads can be busy, even in the spring and autumn. Expect some slowing and delays with tourist traffic in the countryside. Cities, especially Florence, can also be busy.

Climate and Environment, When to Go

Tuscany’s summers can be long and hot. The most comfortable riding weather is in the spring and autumn.

Sights, People, Food and Drink

Tuscany’s landscape is everything it is fabled to be. Riding through so much beauty is truly a pleasure. The medieval villages are delightful. The cities, especially Florence, deliver all the Renaissance treasures people expect from Italy. Tuscany’s regional dishes range from hearty soups, pasta with cannellini (white beans) and grilled meats. Produce is locally-grown in the nearby countryside, as is the grapes to make the Chianti wine.

Facts For the Traveler: Tuscany

Capital city: Florence
Population: 3,6 million
Land area: 23.000 sq km
Official language: Italian
National currency: Euro

mostly Roman Catholic

Time zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
International dialing number: country code: 39, international access code: 00
Visa: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 220V, 50Hz
Electric Plug Details:
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