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Sicily Tour - Overview

9 days / 7 Riding Days from 3.250 €
  • DATES in 2019

    • May 04 - May 12
    • October 12 - October 20

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    Palermo, Italy


    • 1; Taormina

    Mileage: 1.400 km (870 miles)

    Daily rides: 160 - 270 km (110 - 190 miles). The whole tour runs on asphalt.


    Visiting Valley of the Temples, Mt. Etna, ancient cities of Taormina, Syracuse and Palermo, hill village of Corleone.

    Comfortable, very nice hotels, mostly 4****

  • Culture
  • Roads
  • Landscape

Where would you go to see the best preserved Ancient Greek Temples? Greece? How about the Valley of the Temples in Sicily? Where would you find the richest, largest collection of Roman mosaics? Rome? Again, Sicily.

Welcome to this incredible island where memorable art, architecture, cuisine, and local customs are a tapestry woven for over 12,000 years, by Goths, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Normans, Spaniards, Arabs, and others. From the ancient cities of Taormina, Syracuse and Palermo, to enchanting inland villages, outdoor cafes around every corner, you'll discover an island rich in flavorful cuisine and tradition. Add in the natural beauty of such delights as the still active Mt. Etna and glorious beaches, see it all from atop a new BMW motorcycle, led by expert guides, and you have the recipe for a perfect 9 day Mediterranean vacation. You'll even visit the small hill village of Corleone, made famous to movie goers, readers and Mafiaphiles as the fictional ancestral home of Vito Corleone from The Godfather.

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