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"The experience was so special..."

Matt & Marilyn Wicks, Australia

"By far the very best motorcycle tour."

Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA) More...


Would you like to speak to somebody who has already experienced one of our tour packages? No problem - just email us and we'll send you some contact information. Here's a selection of comments from recent clients who've toured with us:

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Jan Jones, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2014
Food - devine. Roads - heaven. Bikes - brilliant.
Judy & Leo Adams, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2012
Riding, the food and people were great...
John & Donna Swiniarski, Canada - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2011
Roads and country were fabulous
Jay & Jodie Clarke, Canada - Grand King's Tour, 31.05.2010
Truly one of the most amazing trips…
Felipe Danzilo, Honduras - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 30.10.2009
I enjoyed touring with you guys very much.
Ken Arvin, USA (CA) - Top of the Alps, 30.09.2015
The tour was top grade.
Pascal Ceuterick, Belgium, - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.09.2012
Hi triple AAA moto tours.
Kathy Stephens & Justin Horsky, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.07.2015
We had the best time on both the tours.
Gary & Beth Iskra, USA (OR) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 30.07.2009
Thank you for the experience…
Greg & Nick Tullo, USA (NC) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 30.06.2012
Expectations were exceeded...
Pam Brazier & John Hudson, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.06.2011
Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on the trip...
Alexander Burnier, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 30.05.2014
The Hotels, the food, everything was just great.
Ken Arvin & Feroze Khan, USA (CA) - Grand King's Tour, 30.05.2013
We had a great adventure.
Juan & Carmen Creixell, USA (TX) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 30.05.2012
Delicious restaurants and interesting destinations...
Deane Crawforth, USA (NM) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 29.05.2012
Dusan and Niko - exceptional!!!
Peter & Rosina Brazel, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 29.05.2012
It was certainly worth the 4 year wait...
Matt & Marilyn Wicks, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 28.09.2012
The experience was so special...
Conrad Moller, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 28.09.2011
I am already plotting my return for another tour.
Wayne and Jude Howes, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 28.06.2014
The tour tour was so much better than we could have ever imagined.
Allen Hattaway, Australia - Tuscany Tour, 28.05.2015
Dejan and Jasa were tremendous hosts/guides...
Maureen, Leonard & Jenny Ellul, USA (IL) - sLOVEnia Tour, 27.08.2015
The tour was so well planned out...
Robert Baker, Australia - Grand European Tour, 27.08.2014
What a great touring experience.
Robert Baker, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 27.08.2014
What a great touring experience.
Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA) - Grand European Tour, 27.06.2013
By far the very best motorcycle tour.
Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA) - Czech Hungary Tour, 27.06.2013
By far the very best motorcycle tour.
Mike and Debby Foty, USA (CA) - sLOVEnia Tour, 26.08.2015
sLOVEnia - We felt the LOVE.
Jason Melcher, USA (NY) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 26.07.2012
Everything worked out real well...
Andrea & Davis Dassori, USA (MA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 26.05.2007
We'd love to join you again.
Philippe L. Sommer, USA (VA) - Czech Hungary Tour, 25.06.2014
Great tour guides, good humored and fun to be with.
Robert Burg & Robin Beth, USA (CA) - Grand King's Tour, 25.06.2012
Thanks for a fabulous vacation.
Hreinn Jakobsson, Iceland - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 24.10.2011
It exceeded all my expectations.
Jeff Lombardi, USA (CO) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 24.09.2009
The bikes worked great, the roads were great ...
Norma Lindsey, HONG KONG - Czech Hungary Tour, 24.06.2014
The guided tour I just took was impressive.
Marco Zenteno, Mexico - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 23.09.2015
You organized a great experience!
Paul Wegmann, Australia - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 23.06.2015
My compliments for the well-organized tour.
Ken Wiese, USA (OR) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 22.11.2010
A big thanks to you…
Jon Caplan, Canada - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 22.05.2012
I would recommend this tour...
Dick & Judy Klehm, USA (VA) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 21.10.2015
Had a great trip with you guys.
Evan Campbell & Sue Donoghue, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 21.09.2011
The choice of accommodation was appreciated.
Stefano Massari, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 21.05.2014
The tour was fantastic, wonderful experience.
Brad & Jackie Babcock, USA (PA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 21.05.2013
The tour far exceeded our expectations.
Dave and Cathie Bradshaw, USA (NC) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 20.10.2015
It was an experience of a lifetime!!!
Neville Poulter, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 20.08.2014
The accommodation was first class.
Conrad Moller, Canada - Czech Hungary Tour, 20.08.2012
Marcio & Ana Pereira, Brazil - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 20.05.2015
These guys were amazing...
Serge and Marie Pizzolato, Canada - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 20.04.2014
This is without a doubt the best holiday we've ever had.
Jin Ko, Korea - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 19.10.2015
The tour was so wonderful.
Roberto Alves & Leocília Faria, Brazil - Greece Tour, 19.10.2011
Routes were amazing roads that exceeded our expectations.
Dan & Sunny Scott, USA (MN) - Czech Hungary Tour, 19.10.2009
Matej, thanks for another great tour...
Dianne & Hilton Washington, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 19.09.2015
We had the most amazing Balkans adventure
Colin Powell, Australia - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 19.05.2014
The Adriatic Riviera Tour was fantastic.
Johann Kristjansson, Denmark - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 18.10.2011
For me the tour was a success
Yvan Moquin & Douglas Hauck, Canada - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 18.07.2012
...made the trip an unforgettable experience...
Lyn & Victor Lesslie, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 17.09.2008
The most enjoyable tour...
Andrew Carmichael, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 17.06.2014
Thank you all so very much for a wonderful trip.
Valerie & Bill Robinson, USA (FL) - Greece Tour, 17.06.2009
Thanks for an incredible trip.
Shelly & Jeff LaViolette, USA (WY) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 17.05.2009
What an incredible adventure of fun we enjoyed with you!
Sherri & Howard Harrison, USA (MA) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 16.11.2010
An unforgettable life experience.
Chris Hadfield, USA (OR) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 16.09.2015
Keep up the good work.
Carolyn Bagot, USA (ID) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 16.09.2012
A mix that had something for everyone...
Ken & Marcia Fritz, USA (CA) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 15.09.2009
Your organized a great trip...
Greg Sr. & Greg Jr., USA - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2014
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip!
Max Mendel, USA (UT) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2013
Overall, a very good experience.
Gary Lovell, UK - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2012
Dejan, Niko & Jos are a credit to your business...
Terry Newitt, USA (WA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.10.2012
Your staff were simply outstanding...
Sandra Coleman & Ian Kite, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 14.10.2012
Wonderful experience and journey...
Anne Marsden & Angus Mollison, UK - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.10.2010
A really great trip…
Mike Edwards & Brad Schuman, South Africa - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 14.07.2015
Brad and I wish to thank you for organising our fantastic tour.
Craig McGinniss, USA (MD) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.07.2010
The roads were great…
Ilan Horesh, Israel - sLOVEnia Tour, 14.07.2008
The trip to Slovenia was awesome.
Eric Fisk, USA (NJ) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.06.2011
A terrific trip and I thank you very very much.
Vanessa Grove, USA (ID) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.05.2013
I had the best time ever!
Howard Lebowitz, USA (NY) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.05.2012
Something I will never forget....
Karen & Dave Wacker, USA (VT) - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 13.10.2010
We would do it again in a heartbeat!
Gary & Lucy Weeks, USA (TX) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 12.05.2015
EVERYONE was a true professional
Roger Pivonka, USA (OH) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 11.10.2010
We had great guides…
Alain Ghanthouse, Libanon - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 11.09.2012
We had a blast...
Paulo Corrêa, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 10.09.2014
AMT has been, by far, the best company I have ever dealt with.
Pam & Michael Kantorowski, USA - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 10.05.2014
Niko and Rok made the trip!!!! Niko's enthusiasm and excitement were infectious.
Peter and Sue Luyks, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 09.09.2015
We had a wonderful time...
Rob Bartoli, USA (CA) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 09.08.2011
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome trip...
Rob Smith, Australia - Romania to Istanbul Adventure, 09.07.2012
I really enjoyed both tours...
Brian Martens, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 09.06.2015
The service and organization was excellent.
Kent & Connie During, USA (CA) - Romania to Istanbul Adventure, 08.06.2015
We had a wonderful time...
Frank Sloan, Canada - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 08.05.2013
Thank u so much for an outstanding experience.
Cesar & Camila, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 06.06.2012
wonderful landscape, no crowds, excellent hotels...
Fatima & Paulo Coifman, Brazil - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 05.10.2010
After my fourth tour…
George Vieira, Australia - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 05.07.2015
It was a great adventure...
Geoff & Eril Becher, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 04.11.2009
Just wanted to thank you for a great trip...
Bob Mickens, USA (NJ) - Grand King's Tour, 04.08.2015
Very memorable experience...
David Allen, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 04.06.2013
Sandra and I greatly enjoyed the tour.
Glen Stephens & Nancy Robertson, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 04.06.2012
It was an awesome trip for us...
Jeff Link & Tom Ohlin, USA (MN) - Greece Tour, 03.10.2010
The trip was unbelievable…
Abbos Abrapour, Brazil - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 03.08.2010
The best it could be…
Donald & Vicki Lapierre, USA (FL) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 03.06.2012
Nice job and we will RETURN!
Danie & Lia Prins, South Africa - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 02.11.2010
We enjoyed the whole trip...
Elaine & Tony Pulleine, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 02.09.2014
We had an excellent time!
Campbell & Andrea Blackman, Australia - Grand European Tour, 02.07.2012
A wonderful trip...
Campbell & Andrea Blackman, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 02.07.2012
A wonderful trip...
Wallace & Norma Chamon, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 02.06.2014
Traveling with you has been a spectacular experience.
Carol Jackson & Arthur Bone, USA (GA) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 01.10.2012
What a trip.
Doug MacPherson, USA (CA) - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 01.07.2015
I thought Ohrid was a diamond in the rough.
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