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"EVERYONE was a true professional"

Gary & Lucy Weeks, USA (TX)

"Your staff were simply outstanding..."

Terry Newitt, USA (WA) More...


Would you like to speak to somebody who has already experienced one of our tour packages? No problem - just email us and we'll send you some contact information. Here's a selection of comments from recent clients who've toured with us:

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Jan Jones, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2014
Food - devine. Roads - heaven. Bikes - brilliant.
Judy & Leo Adams, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2012
Riding, the food and people were great...
John & Donna Swiniarski, Canada - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 31.10.2011
Roads and country were fabulous
Jay & Jodie Clarke, Canada - Grand King's Tour, 31.05.2010
Truly one of the most amazing trips…
Felipe Danzilo, Honduras - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 30.10.2009
I enjoyed touring with you guys very much.
Ken Arvin, USA (CA) - Top of the Alps, 30.09.2015
The tour was top grade.
Pascal Ceuterick, Belgium, - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.09.2012
Hi triple AAA moto tours.
Kathy Stephens & Justin Horsky, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.07.2015
We had the best time on both the tours.
Gary & Beth Iskra, USA (OR) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 30.07.2009
Thank you for the experience…
Greg & Nick Tullo, USA (NC) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 30.06.2012
Expectations were exceeded...
Pam Brazier & John Hudson, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 30.06.2011
Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on the trip...
Alexander Burnier, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 30.05.2014
The Hotels, the food, everything was just great.
Ken Arvin & Feroze Khan, USA (CA) - Grand King's Tour, 30.05.2013
We had a great adventure.
Juan & Carmen Creixell, USA (TX) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 30.05.2012
Delicious restaurants and interesting destinations...
Deane Crawforth, USA (NM) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 29.05.2012
Dusan and Niko - exceptional!!!
Peter & Rosina Brazel, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 29.05.2012
It was certainly worth the 4 year wait...
Matt & Marilyn Wicks, Australia - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 28.09.2012
The experience was so special...
Conrad Moller, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 28.09.2011
I am already plotting my return for another tour.
Wayne and Jude Howes, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 28.06.2014
The tour tour was so much better than we could have ever imagined.
Allen Hattaway, Australia - Tuscany Tour, 28.05.2015
Dejan and Jasa were tremendous hosts/guides...
Maureen, Leonard & Jenny Ellul, USA (IL) - sLOVEnia Tour, 27.08.2015
The tour was so well planned out...
Robert Baker, Australia - Grand European Tour, 27.08.2014
What a great touring experience.
Robert Baker, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 27.08.2014
What a great touring experience.
Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA) - Grand European Tour, 27.06.2013
By far the very best motorcycle tour.
Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA) - Czech Hungary Tour, 27.06.2013
By far the very best motorcycle tour.
Mike and Debby Foty, USA (CA) - sLOVEnia Tour, 26.08.2015
sLOVEnia - We felt the LOVE.
Jason Melcher, USA (NY) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 26.07.2012
Everything worked out real well...
Andrea & Davis Dassori, USA (MA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 26.05.2007
We'd love to join you again.
Philippe L. Sommer, USA (VA) - Czech Hungary Tour, 25.06.2014
Great tour guides, good humored and fun to be with.
Robert Burg & Robin Beth, USA (CA) - Grand King's Tour, 25.06.2012
Thanks for a fabulous vacation.
Hreinn Jakobsson, Iceland - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 24.10.2011
It exceeded all my expectations.
Jeff Lombardi, USA (CO) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 24.09.2009
The bikes worked great, the roads were great ...
Norma Lindsey, HONG KONG - Czech Hungary Tour, 24.06.2014
The guided tour I just took was impressive.
Marco Zenteno, Mexico - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 23.09.2015
You organized a great experience!
Paul Wegmann, Australia - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 23.06.2015
My compliments for the well-organized tour.
Ken Wiese, USA (OR) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 22.11.2010
A big thanks to you…
Jon Caplan, Canada - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 22.05.2012
I would recommend this tour...
Dick & Judy Klehm, USA (VA) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 21.10.2015
Had a great trip with you guys.
Evan Campbell & Sue Donoghue, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 21.09.2011
The choice of accommodation was appreciated.
Stefano Massari, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 21.05.2014
The tour was fantastic, wonderful experience.
Brad & Jackie Babcock, USA (PA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 21.05.2013
The tour far exceeded our expectations.
Dave and Cathie Bradshaw, USA (NC) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 20.10.2015
It was an experience of a lifetime!!!
Neville Poulter, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 20.08.2014
The accommodation was first class.
Conrad Moller, Canada - Czech Hungary Tour, 20.08.2012
Marcio & Ana Pereira, Brazil - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 20.05.2015
These guys were amazing...
Serge and Marie Pizzolato, Canada - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 20.04.2014
This is without a doubt the best holiday we've ever had.
Jin Ko, Korea - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 19.10.2015
The tour was so wonderful.
Roberto Alves & Leocília Faria, Brazil - Greece Tour, 19.10.2011
Routes were amazing roads that exceeded our expectations.
Dan & Sunny Scott, USA (MN) - Czech Hungary Tour, 19.10.2009
Matej, thanks for another great tour...
Dianne & Hilton Washington, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 19.09.2015
We had the most amazing Balkans adventure
Colin Powell, Australia - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 19.05.2014
The Adriatic Riviera Tour was fantastic.
Johann Kristjansson, Denmark - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 18.10.2011
For me the tour was a success
Yvan Moquin & Douglas Hauck, Canada - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 18.07.2012
...made the trip an unforgettable experience...
Lyn & Victor Lesslie, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 17.09.2008
The most enjoyable tour...
Andrew Carmichael, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 17.06.2014
Thank you all so very much for a wonderful trip.
Valerie & Bill Robinson, USA (FL) - Greece Tour, 17.06.2009
Thanks for an incredible trip.
Shelly & Jeff LaViolette, USA (WY) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 17.05.2009
What an incredible adventure of fun we enjoyed with you!
Sherri & Howard Harrison, USA (MA) - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 16.11.2010
An unforgettable life experience.
Chris Hadfield, USA (OR) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 16.09.2015
Keep up the good work.
Carolyn Bagot, USA (ID) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 16.09.2012
A mix that had something for everyone...
Ken & Marcia Fritz, USA (CA) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 15.09.2009
Your organized a great trip...
Greg Sr. & Greg Jr., USA - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2014
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip!
Max Mendel, USA (UT) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2013
Overall, a very good experience.
Gary Lovell, UK - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 15.05.2012
Dejan, Niko & Jos are a credit to your business...
Terry Newitt, USA (WA) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.10.2012
Your staff were simply outstanding...
Sandra Coleman & Ian Kite, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 14.10.2012
Wonderful experience and journey...
Anne Marsden & Angus Mollison, UK - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.10.2010
A really great trip…
Mike Edwards & Brad Schuman, South Africa - Alps Deluxe & French Riviera, 14.07.2015
Brad and I wish to thank you for organising our fantastic tour.
Craig McGinniss, USA (MD) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.07.2010
The roads were great…
Ilan Horesh, Israel - sLOVEnia Tour, 14.07.2008
The trip to Slovenia was awesome.
Eric Fisk, USA (NJ) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 14.06.2011
A terrific trip and I thank you very very much.
Vanessa Grove, USA (ID) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.05.2013
I had the best time ever!
Howard Lebowitz, USA (NY) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 14.05.2012
Something I will never forget....
Karen & Dave Wacker, USA (VT) - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 13.10.2010
We would do it again in a heartbeat!
Gary & Lucy Weeks, USA (TX) - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 12.05.2015
EVERYONE was a true professional
Roger Pivonka, USA (OH) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 11.10.2010
We had great guides…
Alain Ghanthouse, Libanon - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 11.09.2012
We had a blast...
Paulo Corrêa, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 10.09.2014
AMT has been, by far, the best company I have ever dealt with.
Pam & Michael Kantorowski, USA - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 10.05.2014
Niko and Rok made the trip!!!! Niko's enthusiasm and excitement were infectious.
Peter and Sue Luyks, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 09.09.2015
We had a wonderful time...
Rob Bartoli, USA (CA) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 09.08.2011
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome trip...
Rob Smith, Australia - Romania to Istanbul Adventure, 09.07.2012
I really enjoyed both tours...
Brian Martens, Australia - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 09.06.2015
The service and organization was excellent.
Kent & Connie During, USA (CA) - Romania to Istanbul Adventure, 08.06.2015
We had a wonderful time...
Frank Sloan, Canada - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 08.05.2013
Thank u so much for an outstanding experience.
Cesar & Camila, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 06.06.2012
wonderful landscape, no crowds, excellent hotels...
Fatima & Paulo Coifman, Brazil - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 05.10.2010
After my fourth tour…
George Vieira, Australia - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 05.07.2015
It was a great adventure...
Geoff & Eril Becher, Australia - Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour, 04.11.2009
Just wanted to thank you for a great trip...
Bob Mickens, USA (NJ) - Grand King's Tour, 04.08.2015
Very memorable experience...
David Allen, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 04.06.2013
Sandra and I greatly enjoyed the tour.
Glen Stephens & Nancy Robertson, Canada - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 04.06.2012
It was an awesome trip for us...
Jeff Link & Tom Ohlin, USA (MN) - Greece Tour, 03.10.2010
The trip was unbelievable…
Abbos Abrapour, Brazil - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 03.08.2010
The best it could be…
Donald & Vicki Lapierre, USA (FL) - Beautiful Balkans Adventure, 03.06.2012
Nice job and we will RETURN!
Danie & Lia Prins, South Africa - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 02.11.2010
We enjoyed the whole trip...
Elaine & Tony Pulleine, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 02.09.2014
We had an excellent time!
Campbell & Andrea Blackman, Australia - Grand European Tour, 02.07.2012
A wonderful trip...
Campbell & Andrea Blackman, Australia - Czech Hungary Tour, 02.07.2012
A wonderful trip...
Wallace & Norma Chamon, Brazil - Adriatic Riviera Tour, 02.06.2014
Traveling with you has been a spectacular experience.
Carol Jackson & Arthur Bone, USA (GA) - Alps Adriatic Adventure, 01.10.2012
What a trip.
Doug MacPherson, USA (CA) - Intriguing Southeast Europe, 01.07.2015
I thought Ohrid was a diamond in the rough.
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