10 years SMTours

"By far the very best motorcycle tour."

Guy & Linda Coons, USA (WA)

"We had the most amazing Balkans adventure"

Dianne & Hilton Washington, Australia More...

Successful new tour.


In early May, we completed our first tour to Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica. The tour was full and it’s easy to say that everyone had a great time. In spring, Tuscany explodes with vibrant colors, the Sardinian coast is perfect for sunning and riding, and the jagged peaks of Corsica still have snow in them. We found the roads in perfect condition, with enough challenge to satisfy even the most active riders.

As this was our maiden voyage, we were pleased when one of our most enthusiastic participants wrote, "What an incredible adventure of fun we enjoyed with you! Now that we are back in the flow of things here at home, it's great to be able to reflect on the joys of travelling with such wonderful and fun-loving people... We have come away with friends in new places, memories to share for a lifetime, and hopes for more in the future."

Join us in the fall or next year for this incredible tour.