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Heart of Balkans Scouting Tour Successfully Completed.


Adriatic Moto Tours successfully completed its first guided Heart of Balkans Tour with a group of adventurous motorcyclists from the US and Australia.  Beginning in Belgrade, the tour wound through Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. 

The highlight of the tour, according to many of the participants, was riding the well-paved, practically empty roads through the high mountains of Albania.  Rarely do motorcyclists get such curves all to themselves.  Another highlight: riding the coast of Albania, some of the last undeveloped Mediterranean coastline in Europe.

“We had a group of great riders”, says Matej Malovrh.  “All of them were open to the adventure of being the first to tour these countries with us.  We attended folkloric festivals, ate the local cuisine, and generally enjoyed the untouristed nature of these countries”.

The name of the tour has been changed to Intriguing Southeast Europe for the 2011 touring season, to better reflect the exact location of the tour.

For specific information or to see pictures go to http://www.smtours.com/Guided-Tours/Intriguing-Southeast-Europe/Overview/ or contact Adriatic Moto Tours at tel: +386 41 332 418; email: nbufkAtnupvst/dpn