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Dear friends, we're asking you for a favor again. As you have already helped us to choose the cover photo for our 2014 and 2015 brochures, in the last one also with sending your photographs from self-guided tours, we now ask for your feedback regarding the video content on our Youtube channel.

In the last two seasons, we have produced several videos that represent our tours. The recording and production is the work of different authors and, therefore, the videos are quite different - just as our tours are. And yet we'd like to hear your opinion: which one do you like best? Do you find some of them too short or too long? Might you want us to include more opinions of the participants or perhaps an explanation of the tours from our guides? Please write your comments below or, if you don't use Facebook, send us an email (info@adriaticmototours.com).

We intend to keep making videos in the future, and its important to us that you will like them!

Thank you very much. Enjoy watching!

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