AMT’s Covid-19 Touring Policy

Last updated: April 29th, 2022
Subject to change.

Please contact us for detailed information on each tour individually. In the last months all of the European countries have lifted most or all of the Covid restrictions. It is expected for the majority of European countries to drop all Covid entry restrictions for all travelers in the next months.


It has been a challenging couple of years for everyone, and we are coming through thanks to our clients' support and understanding, and our team's perseverance and positive attitude. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet subsided, countries are rapidly distributing vaccines and taking every measure to allow a safe travel. As we look forward to take you on the next motorcycle adventure, we are approaching it with maximum responsibility.

The safety and health of our guests and guides has always been our top priority. In addition to providing a flexible booking & cancellation policy, we have put our focus to sanitizing measures and health practices in all our processes, from our office, to the motorcycles to the tours. Here is what to expect when coming to one of our tours when travel resumes.

Pre-travel Arrangements

International Travel Requirements

Entry to most European countries is allowed with one of the following:

  • proof of having recovered from Covid-19
  • proof of being fully vaccinated
  • negative HAGT/ PCR test result

Note that the individual countries differ in their entry requirements for internatinoal visitors and keep their own lists of safe countries.

We strongly advise to confirm the regulations on your intended destination and check with your home country's policies on testing and post-trip self-isolation as well as the latest travel advisories.

Travel Medical Insurance
We recommend that you take a travel insurance with a good medical plan. Most insurance providers have included the Covid-19 travel risks. Make sure to check what risks are included.

On Tour

Arriving Healthy
All guides and participants are expected to test negative for Covid-19 at the start of the tour, or have recovered from Covid-19 within last 6 months, or have been fully vaccinated.

Responsible Conduct on Tour

  • Wash/sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Wear a face mask/covering in indoor spaces, and anywhere else you will be near others.
  • Keep a safe distance from others.
  • Symptom screening.

Symptom Screening
We ask that participants take care of themselves and follow the "hands – face – space" safety practices throughout the trip, and monitor their own health daily. If at any point during the tour you feel yourself showing symptoms or becoming ill, please advise the guides immediately, so that they may better help you.

Our guides will be fully vaccinated or tested prior joining the tour. They will make sure you are well-informed and feeling safe throughout the tour. They will communicate the local health & safety measures daily, and will be carrying out the enhanced sanitation, social distancing and other safety protocol. They will be prepared to manage logistics around and adjustments needed during the tour. Having already been trained in First Aid and CPR, our guides will also have a protocol to follow in case of any Covid-19 related health issues. Our office staff will be there to provide support for you and our field team when needed.

Motorcycles and Support Vehicles
Our motorcycles and every piece of gear and equipment will be sanitized between uses. Our support vehicles will be regularly sanitized while on tour as well, to ensure a safe transport for your luggage.

We will avoid large tables and provide flexibility to dine as you wish: together with fellow participants or on your own. We will book the restaurants in advance to ensure there are enough tables for our groups, and where possible dine in the outdoor terraces. There are always alternative options as well, such as take-out, room service etc. You will be free to dine & socialize however you feel comfortable.

We have always carefully handpicked the accommodations for our tours and have formed trusted relationships with many over the years. We are in direct communication with our hotels and up to date with their health and safety regulations. We will be checking that all safety protocols, such as cleaning, sanitizing, physical distancing etc., are being carried out prior to our groups' arrivals.

Small Groups
Our groups have always been small to ensure a more personalized experience, and thus offering plenty of opportunities to socialize without being squeezed together. We will take further measures to ensure our tours will provide enough social distance.
Remember that you can always ride on your own or in smaller groups during the day, should you wish to minimize the contact with others. Every rider receives a GPS unit with all the routes, points of interest, hotels etc. uploaded, which makes riding on your easy and stress-free.

City Tours and Group Activities
Our group activities, including city tours, will be as optional as ever, with no pressure to join, and with every precaution taken should you choose to partake. On city tours with our local guides, we will follow the local rules on health and safety, i.e. social distancing and mask wearing.

Keeping You Informed & Up to Date

We are always monitoring what is happening in the world and how it affects our tours. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. The latest recommendations from WHO, CDC, ECDC along with local health authorities where we travel, are guiding our decisions now and into the season. When the international travel resumes, local authorities will be doing what they can to reopen responsibly.

Despite EU's efforts in reaching a common response and unification of border regulations, countries might still differ in their entry requirements regarding health certificates, testing, and quarantine, as well as their safety and health measures. We are actively following the latest information from governments and health authorities both in touring countries and in the countries our guests are from.

Since the situation is constantly changing, we will communicate the specific border regimes and health & safety regulations in countries on your tour about 3 to 2 weeks prior to your departure.

Covid-19 Refund Policy - Tours

With each scheduled tour, we will be reviewing the circumstances 60 days prior to tour departure, and extend the final payment should the situation not be clear at the time. We will then re-evaluate the situation 35 days prior to the departure to determine if it is safe and feasible to run the tour.

You will be entitled to a free re-booking or a refund if not being able to attend the tour due to the following reasons:

  • Your government's restriction on non-essential travel to the touring countries.
  • Touring country government's restriction on entry from your country.
  • AMT's cancellation of the tour due to the Covid-19 restrictions, which prevent us to run the tour.

Re-booking: free of charge.

Refund: an administrative fee in the amount of 50 € per person applies.

In case of cancelling the tour more than 60 days before the tour start, our General Terms & Conditions apply.

Note that the refund policy does NOT apply if developing Covid-19 symptoms or falling ill just before the tour, where the circumstances allow us to run the tour.
For such cases, we strongly recommend taking a travel medical insurance (see above) and trip cancellation insurance.

AMT's Trip Cancellation Insurance is NOT a medical insurance, but as a trip cancellation insurance it covers, among other justifiable reasons, not being able to attend the trip due to an illness, including Covid-19. If purchasing AMT's Trip Cancellation Insurance, a customer is entitled to a full refund if falling ill before the tour, or a proportional refund, if falling ill during the tour.

Covid-19 Refund Policy - Rentals

The rental deposit is non-refundable. However, you will be entitled to a re-booking or a refund of the rental deposit, if you are not able to travel on the day of your rental due to the following reasons:

  • Your government's restriction on non-essential travel to the touring countries.
  • Touring country government's restriction on entry from your country.

Re-booking: free of charge.

Refund: an administrative fee in the amount of 50 € per motorcycle applies.

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