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Beautiful Balkans Adventure - Day by day

15 days / 13 Riding Days

Day 13

Our seaside roller coaster ride continues along a narrow strip of land bound by imposing mountains and rugged coastline. The scenery here is truly remarkable when you have the Adriatic Sea on one hand and the steep hillsides of the Velebit mountain range on the other. We’ll make a stop in Opatija, a lush, green seaside resort town with a lovely promenade. Riding further up the coast, our final stop for the night is in Poreč, the ancient Roman town, where you can admire the World Heritage–listed basilica, a medley of Gothic, Romanesque and baroque buildings and enjoy a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The pristine Istrian interior is within easy reach.

  • Zadar - Porec
  • Zadar - Porec