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New Motorcycles for 2010 Season


The 2010 touring season is shaping up to be a big one for Adriatic Moto Tours.  To prepare, we’ve added several new motorcycles.  Our fleet this year will include the 2010 BMW F 800 GS.  We also added a few other new BMW’s: F 650 GS and R 1200 GS.  And we added Suzuki V-Strom 650.

Most people agree that BMW GS’s are the perfect touring bikes.  These motorcycles are comfortable all day in the saddle, riding alone or two-up.  They’re quick on our twisty coastal and mountain roads, yet can easily navigate city traffic.  For 25 years the GS range has proven itself to be excellent for touring and long distance riding.

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is highly acclaimed for its versatility as a touring bike.  The bike is a lighter, more nimble version of the bigger V-Strom. The 650 can provide great adventure, able to lean until the footrest feelers touch the ground, and able to ride effectively on any twisty going.

Both bikes are available for tours or rental starting April through end of October 2010.

For specific information go to http://www.smtours.com/Motorcycle-rental or contact Adriatic Moto Tours at tel: +386 41 332 418; email: nbufkAtnupvst/dpn