Adriatic Moto Tours has been delivering exceptional guided and self-guided motorcycle tours for over ten years. Behind our tours is a passion for quality and adventure not found with many other motorcycle tour companies. Our dedication to delivering the best touring experience possible to our clients earns us their loyalty and repeat business year after year. Showing our guests our unique corner of Europe, and establishing their friendship, is why we do it. Come with us for one of our very special motorcycling adventures.

We know Central and Eastern Europe

Is it a unique place? You bet it is. We grew up in Eastern Europe, from its days behind the Iron Curtain, through its struggle for independence, through its entry into the European Union. We have ridden its hidden corners and know its special customs and languages. Nowhere else are you going to find such a unique place to ride than in our part of the world, and as native motorcycling enthusiasts from this area, we are well-suited to take you there.

Our guides are professional tour and motorcycle guides

Our guides grew up riding motorcycles, and then spent considerable time in the tourism industry. We take pride in showing our clients our part of the world while making sure they have a special experience, one they will remember for a life time. For more information about our guides, go to the "Our Guides" page.

Our fleet consists of well-maintained, late-model motorcycles. We provide our clients with the latest BMW motorcycles, as well as some Ducati, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha bikes. Our motorcycles are carefully chosen for our terrain, which tends to be twisty mountainous and coastal roads. Taking careful care of our bikes means you experience the smoothest tour possible. To see our motorcycles, go to: the "Our Motorcycles" page.

We stay in the best boutique hotels available

We choose small family-run hotels of high quality, where the proprietor cares about the quality of your stay. By staying in small hotels, you get the personal attention you deserve, and you experience more of the local hospitality and culture.

The size of our tours is limited

Our mission is to provide personal service to our clients. To do this, we keep our tours small, no more than 10 bikes. On average there are 6 – 8 bikes in the group. This also ensures that good friendships develop between people in the group, friendships that can last a lifetime.

You ride free of luggage

Guided tours are accompanied by a support van to carry luggage. At the end of the riding day, you'll find your luggage waiting for you in your hotel room. Our van can also comfortably accommodate passengers, so if your riding partner would like to take a day (or even the whole tour) off from riding, he or she can.

You have the freedom to ride as you like

We all know that motorcycle riding is all about freedom, and if you would prefer to strike out on your own, our GPS, detailed maps and route sheets make it possible. We detail the best sights, rest stops and lunch spots along the way. So go ahead and go at your own pace!

Motivated by a love of motorcycling and a desire to show the uniqueness and beauty of Slovenia and surrounding countries to other riders, Adriatic Moto Tours was started in 2004 by Matej Malovrh and his wife, Martina. In the early days, Matej led the tours on a motorcycle, and Martina drove the van. The company grew because satisfied guests from the first few years kept coming back. For them, we added more tours, and we carefully hired experienced, fun-loving, local guides. Our first customers told their friends. Today, we are who we are mostly by reference. We continue to strive to offer personal, high quality service in every tour we run, so our customers will keep coming back. We hope you will join us!

Our clients say

What an amazing and memorable trip!!! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the AMT Team and the tour that you all put together.


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