Trip Cancellation Insurance

Customers of Adriatic Moto Tours have the opportunity to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Purchasing trip cancellation insurance allows customers to receive a refund for a tour when a customer must cancel a tour for reasons covered by this insurance. Adriatic Moto Tours trip cancellation insurance does not cover expenses not paid to Adriatic Moto Tours, such as airfare, additional hotel accommodations or sightseeing, even if such bookings are made for or recommended to the customer by Adriatic Moto Tours.

This insurance can only be purchased at the time payment is made, 60 days before the tour. Trip cancellation insurance cannot be purchased after tour payment is made. Tour passengers or traveling companions can be covered by the customer's trip cancellation insurance if designated at the time of purchase of the insurance.

Trip cancellation insurance costs 7.5% of the total listed price of the tour, including any supplements like motorcycle upgrades, single room requests, and passenger costs.

Adriatic Moto Tours will refund the full tour price to a customer who has purchased Trip Cancellation Insurance if the cancelation is due to the following:

Sickness, accidental injury or death of the customer, the customer's traveling companion, or an immediate family member or business partner of the customer or traveling companion. The claim must be substantiated by a signed letter from a physician on their letterhead.

The customer or traveling companion having their home made uninhabitable by a natural disaster. The claim must be substantiated by a letter from the insurance company.

War or terrorism in a country which is part of the tour which then leads the customer's government to issue a warning to not travel there during the period when the tour is to take place. Such recommendation must be made after the date of purchase of the Trip Cancellation Insurance.

The customer or traveling companion being required to serve on a jury or subpoenaed. The claim must be substantiated by a letter from the court.

The customer or traveling companion being directly involved in a traffic accident while en route to departure. The claim must be substantiated by a police report.

The customer or traveling companion is called to military duty during the period when the tour is to take place. The claim must be substantiated by letter from the military.

A strike, natural disasters or bad weather results in the cancellation of airline service and prevents the customer from arriving in time to participate in the tour.

The customer or traveling companion has their employment terminated through no fault of their own after purchasing the Trip Cancellation Insurance. The customer must be employed for one year by the employer. The claim must be substantiated by a termination letter on company letterhead.

This insurance specifically excludes:

  • Expenses not included in the price of the tour, such as airline expenses, extra hotel nights or additional sightseeing activities.
  • Lost, damaged or stolen luggage.
  • Medical costs, including all activities associated with medical evacuation.
  • Pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions include but are not limited to any injury occurring prior to and including the date of purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance and any illness occurring during the 120 days prior to and including the date of purchase of this protection for which treatment by a licensed physician has been sought or advised or for which symptoms exist which would cause a prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment.
  • Any situation not specifically included above.

If the cancellation occurs prior to the start of the tour, the entire cost paid will be refunded.

If the cancellation occurs during the trip, a pro-rated refund will be made for the unused days of the trip.

In the case of a flight cancellation or an accident which makes it impossible for the customer to arrive at the starting location of the tour, the customer will have the option of to receive a refund of the tour payment or join the tour in progress. Adriatic Moto Tours reserves the right to determine whether joining the tour is feasible. Adriatic Moto Tours will advise the customer as to whether it is feasible to do so. All additional costs to join the tour in progress will be the responsibility of the customer and no pro-rated credit will be granted for any days of the tour that the customer did not participate in.

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