Matevž, Anže, Primož (The Pineapple for some), another Primož, Peter, Matej Junior, Domen, Žiga, Fredi, Mitja,....

All of you who have ever been on our tours will remember at least one of these guys. They all have 3 things in common: they love motorcycling, travelling, and they all love to join our tours as Van Guides or Guides Assistants or, as we like to call them, »Van Drivers«. We would like to dedicate this AMT Story to them – our beloved Van Guides and THANK THEM for all the work they do.

Our guided tours are always accompanied by a pair of guides - one being the main guide in the spotlight all day guiding, taking care of the riders, dealing with events on the road, and the other a guide in the van, not in the spotlight, but so crucial for the tour to run smoothly.
He fixes everything without anybody noticing. He works behind the scenes, always with a smile. Whether it's the luggage, spare parts, ill or tired passengers, bike repairs, welcoming riders at each hotel, checking out the rooms before the riders arrive, organizing dinners, washing, checking and fixing the bikes, parking or turning the bikes around if necessary, taking photos; our guys are up to it.

Have a look at the van guide's TIME TABLE to get a better idea of his working day:

6:00 Wake up & Beauty Time

6:20 Oops, the bikes are wet! We don't want our riders' pants to get wet!

7:30 Pancakes with jam, coffee, juice.

8:00 Morning workout: the luggage. Ufff, how much we hate hotels without elevators!

8:30 Joining the morning briefing with the guide.

9:00 Rooms checkout, looking for forgotten iPhone chargers.

9:15 Settling the bills at the reception. Thank you and bye bye till the next time!

9:30 Driving the shortest possible route to the next destination. No sightseeing. No fancy dining (only a "burek", sandwich or pizza slice). No swimming in the sea!

14:00 Arriving at the next destination and the hotel. Checking-in everybody from the group, checking the rooms, everybody getting what they reserved? Checking the parking. Going to the restaurant to see if we have a sea-view table for the dinner.

17:00 Welcoming riders to the hotel and helping with parking. After the bikes are parked, it's time for a short briefing: where the rooms are, what the hotel offers, where's the ATM and when do we meet for dinner!

17:15 Bikes checkup: oil, brakes, chains, ... Oh, there's a new scratch on the brand new RT! Hmm.

19:15 Dinner Time. Shall we walk or should I order a couple of taxis?

22:00 Back to the hotel getting ready for the next day: routes checkup, weather prognoses, checking the possible road constructions, sending photos to our social media admin ...

23:52 Ahhhh finally, bed time. Good night!

And this was an easy day - no forgotten bags or wallets, no breakdowns, no problems on the borders, no crashes, no driving injured riders to a local hospital. Yes, also those things happen sometimes and these are the times when our guests say: "Thanks God for the van guide!"

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