Romania to Istanbul Adventure

At the crossroads - Rider Magazine
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The following article was written by Jim Horton, an Adriatic Moto Tours customer from the southeast US. He joined our Romania to Istanbul Adventure in 2019, and before that, he completed our Intriguing Southeast Europe tour in 2016, always in the company of his dear wife Becky.


In the article, Jim describes his adventure, his experience of the Eastern European countries and cosmopolitan Istanbul. As he likes to put it, the whole tour, especially Istanbul, marks the crossroads between the West and the East. We invite you to read Jim's experience of the crossroads. Welcome!


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Adriatic Moto Tours have been organizing tours around Romania and Bulgaria since 2012, two very authentic eastern countries full of tradition, rich in legends and history. No to mention the riding of the two famous roads: Transfagarassan and Transalpina, both sneaking through south-western part of Romania. Istanbul and Greece were added on later in 2015, which made the tour even more attractive and cosmopolitan. Adding Istanbul made a great change, and spending 3 nights there adds a lot to the whole experience.

The great news is: WE ARE RUNNING THE TOUR in 2021!

The countries are opened to fully vaccinated American, Canadian, Australian, and many other, travelers.

You have 3 dates to choose from in 2021: 

  • Aug 28 - Sept 12, 2021
  • Sept 11 - 26, 2021
  • Sept 27 - Oct 12, 2021


Balkans story in Australian Road Rider

The Balkans through the eyes of a motorcycle tour guide
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Have a read why Balkans region make for a great motorcycle destination: FULL ARTICLE

You'd be amazed by rich historical and cultural diversity, everchanging landscape and thrilling roads snaking up Montenegrin mountains or following Adriatic Coast roller coaster.


Adriatic Moto Tours have been organizing tours in the Balkans for over 17 years and offers several different guided tours in the area:


GO Self-guided

Wide selection of self-guided tours on our website
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Dear Riders and AMT Followers,

For those who prefer riding on their own at their own pace, alone or in a group of friends, a self-guided tour may well be the best option. It can be a good choice also for these uncertain times because it leaves you the freedom to decide when to travel, where to travel and with whom to travel.

We've been working on our self-guided tour options recently, expanding the tour descriptions on our website to make it easier for you to decide which tour to choose and book. We have added prices and numerous itineraries to our published self-guided tours. The selection of the tours is now really rich, and you can choose from many different itineraries in the Balkans & Adriatic area, the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Central Europe area.



 Extra nights? Hotel upgrades? More riding? More rest days? It's all possible.

Please keep in mind that we can always custom-design a tour specially for you or we can modify any of the guided tours in our catalog to be self-guided, and you'll choose your travel dates and mates.


Even if you go self-guided, you are never alone!
You have our full support 24/7 plus a pre-loaded GPS that will direct you to each destination. Here is what's included if you book self-guided tour with us:

  • Motorcycle.
  • Hotels (breakfast always included).
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure.
  • Introductory meeting and briefing.
  • Tour Booklet: Extensive handbook with descriptions of daily rides, places of interests, suggestions on extra activities and hotel list & contacts.
  • Detailed maps with marked routes.
  • 24 hour phone assistance.
  • GPS navigation with uploaded daily routes, hotels and points of interest, which makes finding your way even easier and more enjoyable.

New tours in the ALPS

Eastern and Western Alps Rhapsody
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Dear Riders and AMT Followers,

We are delighted to present two new tours in the Alps. We know every rider knows the Alps and wants to ride them at least once in his or her riding career. Luckily, the territory is so wide, so big, it offers almost endless options for riding.

Our goal was first, to offer two shorter, 9-day tours, to make them more approachable to a wider range of riders. And second, we wanted to bypass the main-stream tour group itineraries; we wanted to avoid the crowds and follow the roads less travelled. While the Western version of the new Alps tour still rides some of the best known passes, the Eastern version takes you off the beaten track and onto roads which tourists haven't heard about, but which locals ride every day.


Jul 10-18, 2021

Jul 9-17, 2022

The focus of this new 9-day thrill ride are the Swiss and French Alps. The tour start is conveniently located in the Italian fashion capital of Milan, a perfect starting point for exploring the Alps. While Swiss Alps will include some of the best known and most ridden passes, such as Furka and Grimsel Pass, you'll explore some of the lesser known sections of the French Alps, equally astonishing and challenging.

TOURING COUNTRIES: Italy, Switzerland, France

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: Furka Pass, Col de la Bonette, Col de L'Iseran, Évian-les-Bains, Annecy, Mountain ranges of Bauges & Chartreuse, Combe Laval balcony road.


Aug 21-29, 2021

Jul 23 - 31, 2022

And now to the East. Italy, Slovenia and Austria are countries on the menu. The ride starts in Venice. Venice, as does Milan, deserves at least one day of exploring, so allow yourself a day before or after the tour. Already on the 2nd day we leave Italy behind for Slovenia and the Julian Alps, the less known section of the Alps. The road takes us over the highest Slovenian pass crossing into Austria and its region of Styria. Here we follow the roads less travelled, riding long sweepers rather than switchbacks. On the way to Italy we climb up the famous Grossglockner pass and continue on to the spectacular Italian Dolomites. A perfect Alpine tour to start with if you haven't ridden the Alps yet.

TOURING COUNTRIES: Italy, Slovenia, Austria

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: Austrian Alps, Vajont Dam, Passo Pura, Vrsic Pass, Maria Zell, Hallstatt, Schladming, Grossglockner, Passo Sella, Passo Gardena, Dolomites, Lago di Garda, Soča Valley.

2021 / 2022 Brochure is out

Order your free copy and start planning your next adventure!
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Dear Riders and AMT Followers!

We have it - our 2021/2022 Brochure, for the first time valid for 2 years. ORDER your free copy HERE. 

We have already sent it to all our clients and fans around the world, so if you haven't yet received your copy, you will soon. But if you wish to have it and you are not on our mailing list, make sure you ORDER your free copy on our website.

Our new brochure contains tours' descriptions, dates and orientation prices, bikes' selection, etc, but most of all it's a beautiful presentation and visual display of the area we tour, and a perfect tool for planning your adventures. Whether it's Alps, Mediterranean, Balkans, Adriatic Coast or Central Europe, we have it covered. You can join us on one of our guided tours. We can help you plan any kind of self-guided tour or you can rent one of our well-maintained bikes.

We at AMT believe it's nice to have a "printed on paper" brochure to be able to leaf through and look at amazing photos, imagining you are there riding, because that means you are going to be there riding someday.

We are hoping that the boarders will reopen soon and that the travelling will resume, so we can start looking forward to running tours again and riding.

ORDER your free brochure here.

Happy Season's Greetings

To new beginnings and to a brighter 2021!
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Dear AMT Riders and Followers,

It's the time of the year when we look back and evaluate the previous season. Wow, what a strange year that was! Something we would never have thought was possible: for the first time in our 17 years of existence, we haven't conducted any guided or self-guided tours and are grateful we could organize a few rentals, mainly for our Slovenian customers.

But it's not the time of the year to be pessimistic.

First, we are grateful to our loyal customers who have been with us since our beginnings, through our exponential growth and success, and in the strangest of the seasons in 2020 with no tours at all. Thank you so much for your loyalty and trust!

Second, our deep gratitude goes out to our wonderful support team, at the office, the garage, and on the road. They believe in our business and our beautiful mission. Thank you for your continued support and the work you do.

We are full of optimism as we look towards the 2021 season, it looks really good. Our 2021 tours are very well booked, some already sold out. We are finalizing the last details of two new Alpine tours soon to be presented, creating our 2021 Brochure going out by the end of January 2021, and working hard on our Adriatic Convertible Tours, an exciting new venture from AMT.

We can't wait to see you again in 2021 and show you around our beautiful corner of the world.

Here's to new beginnings and to a brighter 2021!

Martina & Matej Malovrh

Alasce and the Black Forest

9-day Royale Escape into the heart of Europe on your favorite motorcycle
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Dear Riders and AMT Followers,

Alsace and the Black Forest is one of our youngest tours, introduced in late 2018 and first conducted in summer 2019 as "Europe Royale".

This incredibly diverse tour is a great introduction to a Classical Europe as we all know it from history books and movies, and an invitation to those thinking if they should ever come riding in Europe. Roads are of the best quality, turns are long and enjoyable, and not technical at all. Travelling is made easy and everybody speaks English in case you get lost. We at AMT would say: A great tour to start with when discovering Europe on two wheels.

The tour starts in Munich, Germany and then takes you to Austria, Switzerland, and France, in the very heart of Europe. For 9 days of this rich tour you'll ride some of the greatest scenic roads in all of Europe - the famous Black Forest road, the German Alpine Road south of Munich, the Vosges Mountains roads in Alsace, and the roads in Austrian Alps, among others. Besides very good riding you'll be visiting and staying in places which are some of oldest and wealthiest in Europe.

Another strong point of the tour is the numerous world-known sights we visit and see on the way - something for everybody to enjoy and admire, both riders and pillions:

  • Castles of Linderhof and Neuschweistein, built by Ludwig II.
  • Old town of Lindau on lake Constance.
  • Rhine Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Europe;
  • Black Forest (Schwarzwald in German), a large mountain range in Southwest Germany, home to the cuckoo clock, the Grimm Brothers fairy tales, world-renewed spa,...
  • Alsace, the wine region in northeastern part of France, and its oldest town of Ribeauville.
  • The Castle road (Burgenstrase) and its 60 castles you can admire from the road.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the oldest and most historic of the medieval towns along the Romantic Road in Germany.
  • And last but not least, Munich – the start and end of the tour.

AMT Stories - A day in a life of a van guide

Meet the Van Guide, our 2nd guide on the tour.
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Matevž, Anže, Primož (The Pineapple for some), another Primož, Peter, Matej Junior, Domen, Žiga, Fredi, Mitja,....

All of you who have ever been on our tours will remember at least one of these guys. They all have 3 things in common: they love motorcycling, travelling, and they all love to join our tours as Van Guides or Guides Assistants or, as we like to call them, »Van Drivers«. We would like to dedicate this AMT Story to them – our beloved Van Guides and THANK THEM for all the work they do.

Our guided tours are always accompanied by a pair of guides - one being the main guide in the spotlight all day guiding, taking care of the riders, dealing with events on the road, and the other a guide in the van, not in the spotlight, but so crucial for the tour to run smoothly.
He fixes everything without anybody noticing. He works behind the scenes, always with a smile. Whether it's the luggage, spare parts, ill or tired passengers, bike repairs, welcoming riders at each hotel, checking out the rooms before the riders arrive, organizing dinners, washing, checking and fixing the bikes, parking or turning the bikes around if necessary, taking photos; our guys are up to it.

Have a look at the van guide's TIME TABLE to get a better idea of his working day:

6:00 Wake up & Beauty Time

6:20 Oops, the bikes are wet! We don't want our riders' pants to get wet!

7:30 Pancakes with jam, coffee, juice.

8:00 Morning workout: the luggage. Ufff, how much we hate hotels without elevators!

8:30 Joining the morning briefing with the guide.

9:00 Rooms checkout, looking for forgotten iPhone chargers.

9:15 Settling the bills at the reception. Thank you and bye bye till the next time!

9:30 Driving the shortest possible route to the next destination. No sightseeing. No fancy dining (only a "burek", sandwich or pizza slice). No swimming in the sea!

14:00 Arriving at the next destination and the hotel. Checking-in everybody from the group, checking the rooms, everybody getting what they reserved? Checking the parking. Going to the restaurant to see if we have a sea-view table for the dinner.

17:00 Welcoming riders to the hotel and helping with parking. After the bikes are parked, it's time for a short briefing: where the rooms are, what the hotel offers, where's the ATM and when do we meet for dinner!

17:15 Bikes checkup: oil, brakes, chains, ... Oh, there's a new scratch on the brand new RT! Hmm.

19:15 Dinner Time. Shall we walk or should I order a couple of taxis?

22:00 Back to the hotel getting ready for the next day: routes checkup, weather prognoses, checking the possible road constructions, sending photos to our social media admin ...

23:52 Ahhhh finally, bed time. Good night!

And this was an easy day - no forgotten bags or wallets, no breakdowns, no problems on the borders, no crashes, no driving injured riders to a local hospital. Yes, also those things happen sometimes and these are the times when our guests say: "Thanks God for the van guide!"

El 200 EUR bono de suscripción

Reserva ahora y recibe un descuento especial
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Estamos muy entusiasmados con nuestra temporada de 2021. Se presenta al menos de momento, con buenas expectativas y todas las gracias van a ustedes, queridos clientes, por volver a reservar sus tours a partir de la temporada 2020 o por enviar reservas nuevas. Muchas gracias por su apoyo y lealtad.

Hemos decidido a ofrecerles un DESCUENTO especial en 5 de nuestros tours para las reservas del 2021.

El trato es RESERVAR cualquiera de los tours con descuento antes del 11 de noviembre de 2020, y obtener un bono de suscripción de 200 euros por persona.

Los tours con descuento son:

1. Ruta en moto Sur de Roma & Sicilia

2. Cerdeña & Córcega - Un paraíso de pilotos

3. Hermosa Aventura Los Balcanes

4. Ruta en moto esLOVEnia

5. Ruta en moto Republica Checa y Hungría


Consulte nuestro CALENDARIO de 2021 y reserve sin preocupación.

Le esperamos en 2021. Será un placer saludaros y montar con ustedes una vez más.

AMT Stories - Bovec

Slovenian Alpine Mecca
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In today's AMT Story, we will talk about our home country, Slovenia, more precisely about Bovec, an alpine town in the north western part of Slovenia.

Bovec Slovenia

Before we focus on Bovec just a few words about Slovenia. As we Slovenians like to say, it has it all: Alpine twisties, Tuscany-like wine growing areas, picture perfect lakes, dense forests, high mountains, Adriatic coastline, medieval towns and castles, a perfect capital city with a castle overlooking the old town and the river, excellent wine, delicious food and friendly local people. Slovenia covers only a small patch of the European map, but it is rich in natural resources and cultural diversity, and it offers countless roads from your motorcycle wish list. You'll be pleasantly surprised and you'll wish you could stay longer.


Bovec is a part of very beautiful north-west Slovenia, home to the Soča Valley and Triglav National Park. Bovec is a small alpine town surrounded by high mountains, located alongside the turquoise and fairy-tale Soča River. It's a superb outdoor center for water sports, hiking, and other adrenaline-pumping activities. If we have a rest day in Bovec, we often go zip-lining in Učja Canyon, the biggest zipline park in Europe, and are rewarded with unique views of the Bovec Basin and the peaks of the Julian Alps. The whole area is amazing, and the views are spectacular. And so is the riding to, from, and around Bovec, amidst high alpine peaks. It's sometimes difficult to stay focused on the road and not look around! The area is also historically and culturally rich, as this area of peace and tranquility was the site of the infamous "Isonzo Front" during the WWI.

Bovec Slovenia Tour


English speaking readers - and others - would love to know that near Bovec was the sight of an important battle where famous American Nobel Prize-winning author, Ernest Hemingway, drove an ambulance and found inspiration for "A Farewell to Arms".

Two of our tours will take you to Bovec. On our 9-day sLOVEnia tour you'll spend one night in Bovec, while on our 15 day long Alps Adriatic Adventure you'll enjoy a rest day in Bovec, allowing you to explore the Soča Valley or relax, admiring the high mountains and enjoying the local specialty – Soča trout, the largest trout in the world (Salmo marmoratus)!


TOP 5 list by AMT
1. Visit a WWI museum in Kobarid. Very sad, but must see exhibition of the Isonzo Front, the backdrop and inspiration for Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms."
2. Go rafting or kayaking on the emerald green Soca River.
3. Ride to Mangart Saddle, the highest road in Slovenia
4. Visit beautiful Kozjak waterfall, the most picturesque waterfall in Slovenia.
5. Taste Soča trout, "frika", "krafi", "frtalja" and other untranslatable dishes. 

AMT Stories - Sardinia

Rider's Paradise
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Perfect for today's dreaming is Sardinia, our next favorite riding destination which literally wins over any other destination when it comes to RIDING. Sardinia is a rider's dream come true, often called "Riders' Heaven." Why, some people may ask? Here are several reasons why: good asphalt, perfect grip, endless S-shaped turns, almost no traffic, and perfect vistas.



Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has nearly 2,000 km of coastline, sandy beaches and a mountainous interior—a perfect combination for a rider and adventure-seeker! Its rugged landscape is dotted with thousands of mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives. One of the largest and oldest dates to 1500 B.C. Crazy stuff! The island doesn't »only« promise the joy of riding but takes you on one of the most mysterious journeys back in time, rewarded with many archaeological sites.



We could go on and on talking about the perfect weather, delicious and extraordinary local cuisine, prize-winning Sardinian wines, kind and proud locals, Mediterranean charm, rich tradition, and we still wouldn't do it justice. You have to come and see the island yourselves— or better, ride it!

Sardinia is among the »oldest« AMT destinations, added in 2008 after Matej and Martina vacationed there and fell in love with the wild beauty. It makes up part of our 9 day Sardinia & Corsica Tour and 16 day Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour.


TO DO list by AMT:
1. Ride the famous SS 125 Road. And then do it again.
2. Stop for a coffee in Orgosolo, a small town known for its graffiti.
3. Ask for the catch of the day at one of the many seaside restaurants in Alghero.
4. Rent a boat in Cala Gonone and take a swim under the cliffs.
5. Take a photo with the famous Castelsardo as a back drop.

AMT Stories - Česky Krumlov

Fairy-tale town of Bohemia’s deep south, Czech republic
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In today's AMT Story we'll go back in time to the 13th century, when the first settlements of Česky Krumlov arose beneath the castle. During the Communist era of Czechoslovakia, historic Krumlov fell into disrepair and was known as a "gypsy" town, but since the Velvet Revolution of 1989 much of the town's former beauty has been restored. Today Česky Krumlov is one of the most picturesque medieval towns in Europe, a Unesco World Heritage Site with a stunning Castle (second largest in the country), proudly rising above the Vltava River. Renaissance and baroque buildings, small cobblestoned alleys and a picture-perfect old square are nestled in tight curves of the Vltava River only a short walk from our hotel.


česky Krumlov - Czech Hungary Tour


Matej and Martina came up with the idea of adding Central Europe to the list of the AMT tours in 2006. They made a rough plan for touring the countries, towns and roads, and went exploring in December 2006. In those days GPS-s were just coming out, and there were no Google maps - just regular maps. It took them three weeks to explore Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. The result was the 15 day Czech Hungary Tour. The first tour was done in 2007 and soon became one of the most popular AMT tours. Česky Krumlov was one of the last towns they visited. They knew instantly they needed to share this fairytale with AMT riders!

We ride to Česky Krumlov on two tours: 15 day Czech Hungary Tour and on 18 day Grand European Tour.


Czech Hungary Tour by the road

1. Order a glass of local beer just after you park the bike. What a perfect ending to a riding day! Cheers!
2. Walk to the old Castle, take a panorama photo of the town and visit the Castle Theatre.
3. Walk the Castle gardens and feel like one of the royals.
4. Above the restaurant there's a small motorcycle museum. We have just enough time before dinner is served.
5. Order the famous roast pork for the dinner, and after dinner, dance on the tables as we did back in 2007.


Czech Hungary Tour local beer

AMT Stories - Durmitor

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
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Imagine a narrow, winding road on a mountain plateau surrounded by snow- covered peaks. The grass turns gold in the afternoon when the sun is low and the air is sharp and fresh. When you reach the top of the pass, you NEED to stop the bike, take off your helmet and breathe in all the beauty and serenity. Your only company - a herd of sheep and a lonely shepherd.


Durmitor National Park


This is how it was back in 2003 when Matej rode to Durmitor NP in Montenegro for the first time and decided we needed to show this pristine beauty to our riders. Durmitor has been a favorite AMT destination since the very start of the company, and it forms a very important part of all our Balkans tours.

We visit Durmitor National park on 15 day Beautiful Balkans Adventure and on 18 day Balkans and Adriatic Explorer.


Durmitor National Park


Today, 17 years after we took our first group to Žabljak, the highest situated town in the Balkans, Durmitor isn't much different. Okay, we're able to sleep in a nice hotel now, and we can even choose a restaurant for the dinner. But despite that, Durmitor has kept its charm and is still one of the most unique and pristine places you can ride to. And the Adriatic Coast is only two hours ride away. Simply Amazing! Durmitor NP was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980.


1. Ride the majestic P14 road (and don't forget your basketball!)
2. Rafting on Tara river, one of the deepest river canyons in Europe.
3. Somewhere on the way: stop the bike, take off your helmet and breathe in the beauty.
4. Try local specialty called "mučkalica", thick pork pepper stew. Desert: strong local apricot brandy called "kajsija".
5. Early morning walk around the Black lake.


Tara River Canyon

Racha avanturera

Explorando los Balcanes en el fascinante tour por Intrigante Sureste de Europa con Adriatic Moto Tours.
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Jenny Smith, periodista de la revista Rider, escribe sobre nuestra fascinante gira por el sudeste de Europa que experimentó el otoño pasado. Un excelente artículo de 7 páginas se publicó en la edición de febrero del Rider.

Si le gusten más los destinos menos conocidos, auténticos (sin turistas) e intrigantes (en un buen sentido), definitivamente únase a nosotros en nuestro viaje de septiembre, donde todavía nos quedan pocos lugares, mientras que nuestro junio ya está vendido fuera!

Más información sobre el recorrido aquí.

Para ver el artículo completo, haga clic en aquí.

Toscana Cerdeña Córcega Tour

¡Reserve su viaje de primavera hoy y comience su temporada de equitación 2020 en Venecia, Italia!
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Tuscany Sardinia Corsica Tour



    • Venecia, Florencia, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena.
    • Riders 'Heaven - caminos de Córcega montañosa y la costa de Cerdeña.
    • Excelente patrimonio arquitectónico y cultural (uno de los más ricos del mundo).
    • 4 días de descanso (en o fuera de la moto).
    • Cocina celestial italiana y vino.
    • Hermosa naturaleza y vistas impresionantes de las dos islas.
    • Pueblos de la cima de la colina de la Toscana.
    • El mejor café de la plaza.

Para obtener más información sobre el touro, haga clic en aquí.

EU project for development of new integral tourist products

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours and Convertible Car tours in Eastern Slovenia.
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SMTours d.o.o. participated in the project of developing new integral tourist products - the product of Motorcycle Harley-Davidson tours in Eastern Slovenia and the product of Convertible Car tours in Eastern Slovenia. We fully implemented the project in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The goal is to offer visitors a diverse offer of professional motorcycle and convertible car tours, which provide an unforgettable tourist experience. In addition to organizing tourist trips with classic motorcycles, which is our core business, we also wanted to offer customers a slightly more specific offer of sightseeing tours with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and convertible cars that would address a completely new target group of tourists.

The result of the project are three new tours with Harley Davidson motorcycles in Eastern Slovenia and three new tours with convertible cars in Eastern Slovenia, which we are already marketing and will promote in the future.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


Podjetje SMTours je sodelovalo v projektu razvoja novih integralnih turističnih produktov - produkt motoristične Harley-Davidson ture po vzhodni Sloveniji ter produkt avtomobilske cabrio ture po vzhodni Sloveniji. Projekt smo v letih 2018, 2019 in 2020 v celoti izvedli. Cilj je ponujati obiskovalcem raznoliko ponudbo profesionalnih motorističnih in avtomobilističnih tur, ki zagotavlja nepozabno turistično izkušnjo. Poleg organizacije turističnih potovanj s klasičnimi motorji, kar je naša osnovna dejavnost, smo želeli strankam ponuditi tudi nekoliko bolj specifično ponudbo turističnih ogledov z vožnjo s Harley-Davidson motorji in s kabrioleti, ki bi naslavljali povsem novo ciljno skupino turistov.

Rezultat projekta so tri nove ture s Harley Davidson motorji po vzhodni Sloveniji in tri nove ture s kabrioleti po vzhodni Sloveniji, ki jih že tržimo in jih bomo promovirali tudi v prihodnje.

Naložbo je sofinancira Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!

Sorprenda a los suyos regalandoles un vale-regalo.
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¡Publicado nuestro folleto de 2021!
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Está al correo y todos nuestros clientes deben recibirlo pronto.

Si no está en nuestra lista de correo o no ha hecho un recorrido con nosotros en el pasado, ORDENE su copia gratuita AQUÍ y déjese encantar por uno de nuestros tours. Independientemente de cuál elija, le prometemos un buen momento.

Brochure 2020 Cover


Si reserva un TOUR o un ALQUILER antes del 1 de noviembre de 2019, ¡le garantizamos los precios de 2019!
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We are based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, perfectly located in the heart of Europe and thus excellent starting point for exploring: Balkans region with Adriatic Coast, Central & Eastern Europe, the Alps, and the Mediterranean (Italy, France, and Greece).

We offer:





 Join us in 2020 and book your next adventure by Nov 1st!

Book Until Nov 1st & Keep 2019 Prices


¡Ya salió el folleto 2020!

¡Nuestro folleto 2020 está listo! ¡Está en el correo y todos nuestros clientes deberían recibirlo pronto!
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Si no está en nuestra lista de correo o no ha hecho un recorrido con nosotros en el pasado, vaya a la página de solicitud de folleto , ingrese su dirección postal y dentro de unos días encontrará nuestro nuevo folleto en su buzón.

Haga su pedido hoy y déjese encantar por uno de nuestros tours. No importa cuál elija, le prometemos un buen momento.

En 2020 presentamos un EUROPA ROYAL ruta en moto por 9 días , siguiendo el rastro de los reyes y castillos, llevándote por Alemania, Austria, Francia y Suiza.


 Folleto 2019


¡Obtenga el folleto 2018!

¡Nuestro folleto 2018 está listo! ¡Está en el correo y todos nuestros clientes deberían recibirlo pronto!
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Si no está en nuestra lista de correo o no ha hecho una ruta en moto con nosotros en el pasado, vaya a la página de solicitud de folleto , ingrese su dirección postal y dentro de unos días encontrará nuestro nuevo folleto en su buzón.

Haga su pedido hoy y déjese encantar por uno de nuestros tours. No importa cuál elija, le prometemos un buen momento. Encontrarás 1 nueva ruta en moto introducida en el folleto de 2018.

Oferta especial para rutas en moto 2018

Si reserva una ruta en moto o alquiler antes del 1 de noviembre, le garantizamos el precio de 2017.
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La temporada 2017 aún no ha terminado, pero ya estamos haciendo planes para nuestra próxima temporada.
Si está pensando en unirse a nosotros en 2018, nos gustaría ofrecerle un trato muy especial:

"Si reserva una ruta en moto o alquiler antes del 1 de noviembre, le garantizamos el precio de 2017 ".

Más información: [email protected]

La historia de la Ruta en Moto Riviera Adriatica en la revista Rider

Lea la historia en la pagina 7…
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Jenny Smith se unió a nosotros en nuestra ruta en moto Riviera Adriatica de abril / mayo. Lea la historia en 7 páginas en formato PDF aquí: Recorre caminos menos transitados.

¡Obtenga el folleto 2017!

¡Nuestro folleto 2017 está listo! ¡Está en el correo y todos nuestros clientes deberían recibirlo pronto!
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Si no está en nuestra lista de correo o no ha hecho una ruta en moto con nosotros en el pasado, vaya a la página de solicitud de folleto, ingrese su dirección postal y en unos días encontrará nuestro nuevo folleto en su buzón.

Haga su pedido hoy y déjese encantar por uno de nuestros tours. No importa cuál elija, le prometemos un buen momento. Encontrarás 4 nuevos recorridos introducidos en el folleto de 2017.


AMT asistirá al Rally BMW MOA
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Volveremos al BMW MOA Rally (del 14 al 17 de julio) nuevamente este año y esperamos ver a todos nuestros viejos amigos y conocer nuevos.

Asegúrese de pasar por nuestra cabina interior y competir por una gran ruta en moto. ¡Regalaremos un TOUR GRATIS! El sorteo será en nuestro stand el sábado por la tarde.

Matej dará 2 seminarios:

Viernes 15 de julio a las 11:30 am

Sábado 16 de julio a las 10:15 am

También tendremos una CENA DE PICNIC REUNION para los huéspedes que han estado en nuestros tours en el pasado. Marque su calendario para VIERNES , 15 de julio, de 6 a 9 PM . Pase por la cabina para conocer la ubicación y las indicaciones.

¡Esperamos verte allí!

Aquí está: ¡nuevo video de Ruta en moto Riviera Adriatica!

86 segundos de pura alegría en un viaje de Liubliana a Dubrovnik y viceversa.
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En la Ruta en moto Riviera Adriática lo llevaremos a los lagos de Plitvice y atravesando el continente croata hasta la ciudad mágica de Dubrovnik. Lo que sigue es algo con lo que todos los ciclistas sueñan: la carretera costera del Adriático y dos días Hvar, la isla más soleada del mar Adriático. 100 motos te esperan;) ¡Bienvenido!

Encuentre fechas, galerías día a día y más información aquí: Ruta en moto Riviera Adriática .

AAA - Por encima y más allá

Artículo sobre Aventura Los Alpes y la Costa Adriática en Australian Road Rider.
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Mick Matheson, periodista australiano de Road Rider, viajó con nosotros en septiembre pasado, explorando Eslovenia, Croacia y los Dolomitas italianos sobre dos ruedas. Lea su historia sobre la aventura adriática Alps de AMT.

Mick Matheson, periodista australiano de Road Rider, viajó con nosotros en septiembre pasado, explorando Eslovenia, Croacia y los Dolomitas italianos sobre dos ruedas. Lea su historia en la Aventura de los Alpes y la costa Adriática de AMT.

Encuentre el artículo en PDF aquí: Above and Beyond .

Más información sobre Aventura Los Alpes y la Costa Adriática .

Historia de Rumania a Estambul en la revista Backroads

Lea la historia de Brian y Shira Rathjen, Backroads Motorcycle Tour Magazine.
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Brian y Shira Rathjen se unieron a nosotros en 2015 en la ruta en moto Aventura de Rumania a Estanbul. Lea la historia en 15 páginas en formato PDF aquí: Explorando los reinos de Europa del Este .

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