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Hungary is one of the most unique countries in all of Europe. Situated in the very heart of Europe, Hungary can claim a unique place in the continent. And so can their people. Their language is spoken nowhere else. Their folksongs bear no resemblance to those of other nations. Yet, the Hungarian people have been living in the centre of Europe for over 1,100 years.

Roads and Riding

Hungary occupies the Carpathian Basin to the southwest, and much of the country's geography is dominated by water. Roads through lush green countryside and rushing rivers are very good and well signed.

Climate & Environment, When to Go

Hungary has a temperate continental climate with July and August being the warmest months. Any time of year is a good to visit Hungary, with certain areas, like Lake Balaton seeing increased tourism in July and August.

Sights, People, Food and Drink

Budapest, Hungary's capital, is the nation's jewel No 1. The metropolis with a population of two million is bisected by the mighty flow of the Danube with hills and valleys on the Buda side and flat, low-lying Pest on the other. The riverside panorama has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Anybody who has ever seen it illuminated by night can understand why. Ethnic Magyars make up approximately 93% of the population, a fun-loving, very lively people. Hungarian cooking is loaded with paprika, with much of it showing up in their stews and goulashes. Hungary produces many nice wines to match these peppery dishes.

Facts for the Traveler

Capital city: Budapest
Population: 9,6 million
Land area: 93.030 sq km
Official language: Hungarian (a very special language, originating from the Finno-Ugric tribe of languages)
EU member: May 2004
National currency: Hungarian Forint – HUF
Religion: Roman Catholic (majority), Protestant
Time zone: Central European Time (GMT+1)
International dialing number: +36
Visa: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 230V, 50Hz
Electric Plug Details: standard european
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Tours in Hungary

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