Imagine a narrow, winding road on a mountain plateau surrounded by snow- covered peaks. The grass turns gold in the afternoon when the sun is low and the air is sharp and fresh. When you reach the top of the pass, you NEED to stop the bike, take off your helmet and breathe in all the beauty and serenity. Your only company - a herd of sheep and a lonely shepherd.


Durmitor National Park


This is how it was back in 2003 when Matej rode to Durmitor NP in Montenegro for the first time and decided we needed to show this pristine beauty to our riders. Durmitor has been a favorite AMT destination since the very start of the company, and it forms a very important part of all our Balkans tours.

We visit Durmitor National park on 15 day Beautiful Balkans Adventure and on 18 day Balkans and Adriatic Explorer.


Durmitor National Park


Today, 17 years after we took our first group to Žabljak, the highest situated town in the Balkans, Durmitor isn't much different. Okay, we're able to sleep in a nice hotel now, and we can even choose a restaurant for the dinner. But despite that, Durmitor has kept its charm and is still one of the most unique and pristine places you can ride to. And the Adriatic Coast is only two hours ride away. Simply Amazing! Durmitor NP was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980.


1. Ride the majestic P14 road (and don't forget your basketball!)
2. Rafting on Tara river, one of the deepest river canyons in Europe.
3. Somewhere on the way: stop the bike, take off your helmet and breathe in the beauty.
4. Try local specialty called "mučkalica", thick pork pepper stew. Desert: strong local apricot brandy called "kajsija".
5. Early morning walk around the Black lake.


Tara River Canyon

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