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Despite the turmoil of its recent history, Serbia has progressed in peace time to become a likeable country to visit. Tourist authorities have been trying hard to encourage people to come, and travelers are beginning to discover that Belgrade is an exciting city and the country's national parks are beautiful. Additionally, the Serbian people themselves are thrilled when they meet visitors, and will extend you a hearty welcome.

Roads and Riding

Serbia has a geographical variety of plains, rolling hills and mountains, so all types of vistas can be experienced when riding here. The roads are generally in very good shape, other than in very remote areas of the country where riders will find a few pot holes and loose stones. The police can be particularly zealous in their work, so it's wise to stay within the posted speed limits. Watch out for speed traps.

Climate & Environment, When to Go

Serbia can be visited in the spring, summer or fall. It rarely gets uncomfortably hot in the summer, and without the tourist hoards of other European countries, the roads remain relatively empty. Fall, especially the month of September, is an especially nice time to visit. The weather is still warm and the foliage in the countryside is beautiful.

Sights, People, Food and Drink

Belgrade has one of the best restaurant, nightclub and music scenes of southeastern Europe. Outside the city, travelers will find several nice monasteries, a few old castles, and many beautiful churches. Many of the towns, especially in the south, have been influenced by Turkish rule and have an exotic look and feel. The Serbian people see themselves as proud, generous, strong-willed and brave. They are also curious and welcoming of visitors to their country. Serbian cuisine has been influenced by the Turks, with a wide variety of grilled meat dishes on the menu of most restaurants. Salads are made from local and organic produce, as very few fertilizers or pesticides are used. Serbia has several wine growing regions, but Serbians are most proud of their brandies and grape-based liqueurs.

Facts for the Traveler

Capital city: Belgrade
Population: 6,7 million
Land area: 88.361 sq km
Official language: Serbian
National currency: Dinar (RSD)
Religion: 87% Christian, 4% islam, other
Climate: Moderate-continental
International dialing number: Country code: 381, international access code: 00
Visa: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 230V, 50Hz
Electric Plug Details: standard european
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