This tour combines our guided Intriguing Southeast Tour and Greece. It embraces the diversity of the countries and the landscapes in the flash of an eye. You will enjoy every day of it!

Experience the superb ride through the Southeast European countries of Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, along the sparkling Mediterranean, presenting the blue seas and mountainous interior of Greece, before finishing the journey in the lush green corners of Slovenia.

SOUTHEAST EUROPE & GREECE self-guided tour
  • Day 1 Arrival in Ljubljana Pick up the motorcycle, tour briefing with one of our guides.
  • Day 2 Ljubljana – Zagreb Riding through the countryside of southeastern Slovenia, crossing to Croatia, riding to Zagreb.
  • Day 3 Zagreb - Belgrade Riding some country roads and some motorway to vivid Belgrade, having time to explore this bustling city.
  • Day 4 Belgrade – Belogradčik Following Danube River, past some historic sights, crossing to Bulgaria into the city of red rocks.
  • Day 5 Belogradčik - Sofia Riding through mountainous regions and remote villages of northwestern Bulgaria.
  • Day 6 Sofia rest day Riding Pirin National Park and visiting Rila Monestery or staying in the city.
  • Day 7 Sofia – Demir Kapija Heading into the Vardar, Macedonia’s wine growing region, travelling along the Vardar river.
  • Day 8 Demir Kapija – Ohrid Riding curving roads of southwestern Macedonia, through forested and mountainous area.
  • Day 9 Ohrid rest day Walking the shores of the lake and discovering Ohrid’s Byzantine history.
  • Day 10 Ohrid – Gjirokaster Crossing to Albania, riding the famous Gramoz Range, climbing Barmashi Pass.
  • Day 11 Gjirokaster – Monodendri Crossing the Albanian/Greece border, twisty and scenic ride to Monodendri.
  • Day 12 Monodendri – Meteora Riding gentle curves through low mountains and wide valleys into the stunning Meteora region.
  • Day 13 Meteora – Karpenisi Riding challenging, twisty roads like you wouldn't believe exist in Greece.
  • Day 14 Karpenisi – Delphi Following twisty roads through the mountains of northern Greece with spectacular views.
  • Day 15 Delphi – Athens Riding through villages and quaint towns, descending to beautiful Aegean coast.
  • Day 16 Athens rest day Exploring Athens, wandering the Plaka or visiting Acropolis.
  • Day 17 Athens - Nafplio Coastal ride, approaching the archaeological site of Epidaurus. Some nice riding to Napflio.
  • Day 18 Nafplio - Monumvasia Scenic coastal ride at the begining, heading inland to climb into the mountains.
  • Day 19 Monumvasia rest day Relaxing in Monemvasia or go for a ride south and explore Kythera Island.
  • Day 20 Monumvasia - Mani Great coastal riding along the rocky shore.
  • Day 21 Mani – Olympia Riding the 59 km road from Kalamata to Mistra/Sparta, one of the most stunning routes in Greece.
  • Day 22 Olympia rest day Enjoy exploring this historical town or ride to the the Temple of Vasses.
  • Day 23 Olympia – Kefalonia Island Riding the roads through rugged mountains, catching the ferry to Kefalonia Island.
  • Day 24 Kefalonia Island rest day Relaxing on the beaches of the island or ride around the mountains.
  • Day 25 Kefalonia Island – Parga Crossing over to Lefkada Island, riding along the sea shore. Very scenic ride!
  • Day 26 Parga – Saranda Mainly coastal ride heading north, crossing the Greek/Albanian border.
  • Day 27 Saranda – Tirana Heading north, into the mountainous heartland of Albania.
  • Day 28 Tirana – Prizren Another day of twisty mountain riding, riding huge mountain passes and crossing to Kosovo.
  • Day 29 Prizren – Mokra Gora Navigating through many gorges and high mountains of eastern Montenegro.
  • Day 30 Mokra Gora – Vlasic Mountain Long riding day, visiting the oriental city of Sarajevo.
  • Day 31 Vlasic Mountain – Ljubljana Another long riding day, but rewarding riding scenic roads through Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.
  • Day 32 Ljubljana Flight home.

What's included?

SOUTHEAST EUROPE & GREECE self-guided tour includes:
  • Late model motorcycle with lockable hard luggage and tank bags plus a Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  • 31 nights' accommodation in quality, mostly 4**** hotels.
  • 31 complete buffet breakfasts in the hotel.
  • Airport transfers up to 5 days prior to the tour start, on the last day of the tour and one day after the tour. 
  • All maps with marked routes for the region being toured.
  • Extensive tour booklet.
  • GPS with all the routes uploaded.
  • Introductory meeting and briefing.
  • 24 hour phone assistance.

Our clients say

Everything went smoothly, expectations were exceeded all along the trip and it was easier than I thought possible.


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