In today's AMT Story we'll go back in time to the 13th century, when the first settlements of Česky Krumlov arose beneath the castle. During the Communist era of Czechoslovakia, historic Krumlov fell into disrepair and was known as a "gypsy" town, but since the Velvet Revolution of 1989 much of the town's former beauty has been restored. Today Česky Krumlov is one of the most picturesque medieval towns in Europe, a Unesco World Heritage Site with a stunning Castle (second largest in the country), proudly rising above the Vltava River. Renaissance and baroque buildings, small cobblestoned alleys and a picture-perfect old square are nestled in tight curves of the Vltava River only a short walk from our hotel.


česky Krumlov - Czech Hungary Tour


Matej and Martina came up with the idea of adding Central Europe to the list of the AMT tours in 2006. They made a rough plan for touring the countries, towns and roads, and went exploring in December 2006. In those days GPS-s were just coming out, and there were no Google maps - just regular maps. It took them three weeks to explore Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. The result was the 15 day Czech Hungary Tour. The first tour was done in 2007 and soon became one of the most popular AMT tours. Česky Krumlov was one of the last towns they visited. They knew instantly they needed to share this fairytale with AMT riders!

We ride to Česky Krumlov on two tours: 15 day Czech Hungary Tour and on 18 day Grand European Tour.


Czech Hungary Tour by the road

1. Order a glass of local beer just after you park the bike. What a perfect ending to a riding day! Cheers!
2. Walk to the old Castle, take a panorama photo of the town and visit the Castle Theatre.
3. Walk the Castle gardens and feel like one of the royals.
4. Above the restaurant there's a small motorcycle museum. We have just enough time before dinner is served.
5. Order the famous roast pork for the dinner, and after dinner, dance on the tables as we did back in 2007.


Czech Hungary Tour local beer

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