The following article was written by Jim Horton, an Adriatic Moto Tours customer from the southeast US. He joined our Romania to Istanbul Adventure in 2019, and before that, he completed our Intriguing Southeast Europe tour in 2016, always in the company of his dear wife Becky.


In the article, Jim describes his adventure, his experience of the Eastern European countries and cosmopolitan Istanbul. As he likes to put it, the whole tour, especially Istanbul, marks the crossroads between the West and the East. We invite you to read Jim's experience of the crossroads. Welcome!


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Adriatic Moto Tours have been organizing tours around Romania and Bulgaria since 2012, two very authentic eastern countries full of tradition, rich in legends and history. No to mention the riding of the two famous roads: Transfagarassan and Transalpina, both sneaking through south-western part of Romania. Istanbul and Greece were added on later in 2015, which made the tour even more attractive and cosmopolitan. Adding Istanbul made a great change, and spending 3 nights there adds a lot to the whole experience.

The great news is: WE ARE RUNNING THE TOUR in 2021!

The countries are opened to fully vaccinated American, Canadian, Australian, and many other, travelers.

You have 3 dates to choose from in 2021: 

  • Aug 28 - Sept 12, 2021
  • Sept 11 - 26, 2021
  • Sept 27 - Oct 12, 2021
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